• Faded


    Two lost souls, each harbouring a dark secret, find redemption through each other after their paths cross one horrifying night. Coming Soon.

  • ADF Poster

    As Darkness Falls

    A car crash sets in motion a series of brutal and tragic events leaving a young boy to deal with the increasingly delusional behaviour of his father.

  • 12042916_1645135995745468_3834743896194556216_n

    Dead Wrong / Associate Producer

    @Deadwrongfilm A teenage girl tormented by the death of her parents, finds solace in strangers to deal with her spiralling grief. Written / Directed and Produced by Emily Haigh.

  • TPSP

    The Pugilists Son

    A young man struggles with his overbearing and bullying parent against the drama and backdrop of Boxing.

  • Rabbit-Foot-Poster

    Rabbit Foot

    A race ensues that takes us through 40s London, and to the scenic North Norfolk coast, via steam train. Full of twists and turns, Rabbit’s Foot is a fictional noir thriller.